FESCO Pipeline Services (FPLS) has an in-house code welding shop for all our pipe fabricating needs using certified welders and hydrostatic testing capabilities. We maintain full documentation of our hydrostatic tests along with MTRs on all fabricated equipment, using certified dead weight and chart recorder equipment. This gives us the unique capability to build specialized fittings or adapters as needed in a timely manner to support any project.

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    FESCO Pipeline Services (FPLS) carries 6", 8", and 10" flanged pipe packages. All sizes are 600 series RTJ flanges with adapters for any configuration. We have necessary fittings including 90's (some with swivels) tees, safety valves, and check valves for each package as needed. Our piping ranges in lengths of 1' to 20' sections.

    We also have 4" and 6" 150 series pipe packages for flare lines.

    FESCO Pipeline Services (FPLS) primarily uses 4" Yale hammer union pipe. We also have 2", 3", and 6" hammer union available with pressure ratings up to 2000#. We have various cross-overs available to connect to any tie-in sizes available.