FESCO Pipeline Services (FPLS) has a variety of support services for the pipeline industry integrity needs.

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  • FESCO Pipeline Services (FPLS) utilizes our own cranes and knuckle booms for heavy lifting. We can also assist with loading and unloading pigs or any other customer needs.

    FESCO Pipeline Services (FPLS) provides hydro testing services for industrial piping systems and components.

    FESCO Pipeline Services (FPLS) has various other chemicals to protect your pipelines. We inhibitors, biocides, scavengers, and other chemicals that might be needed.

    FESCO Pipeline Services (FPLS) utilizes GPS units and line locators to set permanent or temporary markers. This information can be uploaded to any mapping program for pipeline identification. FESCO crews can assist in locating verification digs.

    FESCO Pipeline Services (FPLS) has portable launchers and receivers that can connect from 4" to 12" pipelines. These are 600 series flanged and we have an assortment of adapters to connect 900 and 1500 series as well.

    FESCO Pipeline Services (FPLS) has the expertise and equipment to handle all of your tracking needs. Trained personnel are equipped with geophones and electronic tracking devices. We also have a fleet of 4 wheel drive trucks as well as UTV's for those hard to get places.